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What is a helical pile?

A helical pile consists of a high strength steel shaft with one or more helical bearing plates
attached. It is rotary installed into the ground to support a variety of commercial,
residential and industrial structures.

Where are helical piles used?

Helical piles are generally used when challenging soil conditions prohibit the use of
a traditional foundation system, although, because of their remarkable performance,
helical piles should be used whenever possible.

How are helical piles installed?

Using a hydraulic rotary drive head mounted on a variety of equipment. This can
be anything from hand carried equipment up to large excavator mounted equipment.
One of D&B’s experienced project managers will determine the most suitable
equipment for your job site.

How long have helical piles been in existence?

There is documentation that dates back to circa 1720 in England when the helical pile
was actually invented. Lighthouses were supported by hand-installed helical piles
in the 1800’s.

How do you attach a helical pile to an existing foundation?

The pile is permanently attached using a patented steel foundation underpinning bracket.

Can you re-level a structure with helical piles?

Yes, the steel foundation underpinning bracket allows us to use a hydraulic jack to raise
or lower the foundation then mechanically lock the bracket permanently in place and
remove the hydraulic jack.

I am an Engineer, is it difficult to design a foundation using helical piles?

No, you may contact us and one of D&B’s on staff Engineers will be more than happy
to assist you. We can also provide you with your own copy of the “Practical Design
and Inspection Guide for Helical Piles and Tension Anchors”
compiled and prepared
by John S. Pack P.E., an industry leading authority on the use of helical devices.

Can a helical pile be installed in confined spaces?

Yes, we routinely install helical piles in tight quarters such as residential and commercial
crawl spaces and inside basements using hand carried equipment powered by remote
hydraulic units.

How soon can you get started on my project?

Because D&B is staffed, equipped and maintains a helical pile material inventory second
to none, we are always able to meet our customers schedule requirements. Rest assured,
you won’t be waiting weeks while we tell you the material is on order. We always have the
right material ready and waiting for your project.

How long does it take to install a Helical Pile?

With our specialized equipment and experienced installation crews, all with many years
experience with D&B, we are able to install a pile in a matter of minutes. For instance;
one crew can install 60 to 70 piles in one day for a new construction application.

Why is there a helix or helices only on the lead section of the pile?

Because a helical pile is installed through unstable soil down to stable soil or bedrock.
The pile is referred to as an “end bearing pile” which means the load is transferred down
the bare extension shafts to the lead shaft helical bearing plates (or helix).

How long does a Helical Pile last?

The Helical Pile product that D&B uses is galvanized to protect it from corrosion.
In most soils the useful life of the pile is in excess of 200 years.

What are the advantages of Helical Piles?

Helical Piles are fast, clean, cost effective and offer superior performance to all
other deep or shallow foundation types including over excavation & backfill.
Helical pile capacities are measured and determined during installation using torque
vs. capacity calculations. D&B will certify the actual load bearing capacity of each
pile or tension anchor we install. Piers or Tie backs can be immediately loaded to full
design load upon completion of installation.

How long has D&B been in business?

D&B has been in business for over 42 years and have been installing Helical Piles
and Tension Anchors for 23 of those years. We are proud to be the largest Helical
Pile installing contractor in North America.

What’s the difference between a pier and pile?

None, the two words mean the same thing in this case.

How much do Helical Piles cost?

Each project is unique in it’s application of Helical Pile design and installation.
We evaluate and estimate each job individually and provide a detailed cost proposal.
Helical Piles are an economical choice and when their outstanding performance is
considered, Helical Piles are a great value.

D&B Engineering Contractors. Commited to the Customer